About Us

The Electric Experts You Can Trust

You’ve probably heard of someone putting an electric motor in their boat and wondered if electric might be a good fit for your boat.

Electric vehicles—both cars and boats—are a clean, low-maintenance alternative to diesel and gasoline combustion engines. But making the switch can still feel like a big decision. It’s normal to have some anxiety over range, speed, and charging access.

That’s why you need an electric expert you can trust. At Electric Marina, we’ve helped boat owners like you convert to electric for more than 20 years. From starting with an analysis of your boat’s propulsion requirements to recommending the best motor for you, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Our History

We began navigating the electric boat and electric propulsion industry in 1998 and the Electric Marina has been growing and evolving ever since. Founder Nancy Franetti shared her passion and energy to make electric propulsion a mainstream with Cecilia “Ceal” Potts in 2017. Ceal was an Electric Marina customer who re-powered her Catalina 28 sailboat with an electric motor. 

She was impressed and inspired by Nancy’s design and production of the electric L24 launch previously manufactured by Island Packet Yachts. In 2019, Nancy sold the Electric Marina to Ceal’s company Potts Marine Services, LLC. Nancy now leads the electric marine power department for Yanmar Mastry Engine Center in St. Petersburg, FL. Ceal has a background in hybrid electric power and is a seasoned cruising and racing sailor, as well as a Surveyor Associate member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®. 

The Electric Marina isn’t a point on a map or chart that can be visited, though we are headquartered in Port Orange, FL. Instead, the Electric Marina is a concept and vision for recreational and commercial boating we work to share with sailors, power boaters, and kayakers nationwide. The electric motors we sell for boats keep our waterways clean by replacing diesel and gasoline motors in vessels with non-polluting electric propulsion systems. Where can electric take you?

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