ePropulsion Navy 6.0 Evo Electric Motor with Controller

ePropulsion Navy 6.0 Evo Electric Motor with Controller

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The Navy EVO Series of motors is the backbone of ePropulsion’s electric motor product line. The Navy 6.0 EVO provides efficient and clean power for aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, day-sailers and pocket cruising sailboats, suitable for saltwater and freshwater. Using direct-drive technology with motor located in pod, the Navy 6.0 EVO electric outboard boat motor is a 6 kW motor is a 9.9 HP equivalent that is quiet, maintenance-free, and reliable. The Navy 6.0 EVO is a 48 V motor and can be paired with ePropulsion’s E series batteries or a 48 V bank of the user’s choice.  For NAVY 6.0 Evo, there are two types of propellers are available. Users can select a proper propeller based on different conditions. For a heavily loaded boat with large thrust, a low pitch propeller is more appropriate. Inversely, for a lightly loaded boat with a fast running speed, a high pitch one is preferable. In the delivery package, there are two sets of propellers, including a low-pitch propeller and a high-pitch propeller. The low-pitch propeller with a larger diameter generates larger thrust at low speed, while the high-pitch propeller generates proper thrust to propel boats at high speed. The Communication Cable is required with the Evo Side Mount Control and Eco Top Mount Remote Control. 
ePropulsion Navy 6.0 Evo Electric Motor
Communication Cable 5m
REQUIRED for Evo Side Mount Control and Evo Top Mount Remote Control.

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