ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo Bundle

ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo Bundle

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Spirit 1.0 Evo is a portable 3HP electric outboard made for dinghies, fishing boats, and sailboats. It features a 1276Wh large integrated lithium battery for long range. The hydrogeneration function is great for sustainable sailing experience. The safety wristband keeps you safe in case of MOB.  Spirit 1.0 Evo is the first-ever electric outboard that features hydrogeneration.  The integrated rechargeable battery is lightweight, only 19 lbs or 8.7 kg, and robust for tough conditions. Never worry if the battery drops into the water, it is positively buoyant. Extend the runtime to an entire day by replacing the integrated Spirit battery with an E-Series Battery. Spirit 1.0 Evo outboard is portable & easy to transport. It would be a pleasure to have Spirit 1.0 Evo in your gear list when preparing a trip. Get peace of mind with the easy-to-use Safety Wristband with man overboard protection automatically shutting down the motor during accidents.  Works on wireless connection. Waterproof IP67 and have up to 8 wristbands connected per motor. Compatible with the Evo Tiller and Evo Remote Control.   ORDER UP TO 8 WITH YOUR SPIRIT 1.0 EVO MOTOR! Batteries and Controls sold separately.  
ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo Electric Motor
Spirit Batttery Plus
ePropulsion Spirit Battery Plus
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ePropulsion Safety Wristband

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