Maximize your electric or hybrid propulsion system with additional power management and power generation.

Explore the options below to add advanced capabilities to your vessel’s power systems.

Integrel Advanced Generator Replacement Technology

Integrel intelligently collects up to 9kW of excess energy from your existing diesel engine during normal operations and stores this energy in Li-Ion batteries for later use as you
need it.

Chargers, Converters and Solar Charge Controllers by Victron

Grilling up your favorite food has never been easier and safer as the silicone lid stays cool to the touch and prevents accidental burns.

Torqeedo Solar Charger 50 W for Ultralight and Travel

Why not utilize the sun to top-off your Torqeedo Ultralight and Travel batteries by simply plugging the solar panel’s cable into your battery’s charging port – it’s that simple.

Torqeedo TorqTrac App
for iPhone and Android

Now your smart phone can be a your handheld monitor for you easy access to your motor’s data. 

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