Ceal Potts

2020 Boating Industry Bold Moves: Make Things Happen


Make Things Happen

Cecilia Potts
Owner, Electric Marina

Cecilia “Ceal” Potts is taking this eco-conscious business to a higher level and of course along with advancements, there are challenges. However, Potts is going beyond the barriers to achieve success. She is a true entrepreneur and is continually researching and updating her product lines as electric propulsion technology advances.

After spending years as a sailor, Potts grew tired of the diesel side of sailing and began looking for something different. After several years of cruising, Potts rejoined the workforce with Solar Stik, an electric and solar power solutions manufacturer.

During this time, Potts took on a project boat that required as she puts it “a lot of love.”

“The thing took a lot of work, especially on the diesel engine side,” Potts said. “I got it running, but it was messy and I thought to myself ‘I’m over this.’”

As she began researching electric motors more, Potts came across the Electric Marina, owned at the time by Nancy Frainetti.

“She [Frainetti] was just so vivacious and so fired up about electric, you just couldn’t rain on her parade and that energy was definitely contagious,” Potts said. “I purchased an electric motor for my Catalina, but I also realized this is where I needed to be.”

Potts stayed in contact with Frainetti almost every day following her install and learned more how she wanted to take electric to the next level, but just didn’t feel she could get it done as a dealer and moved onto a new opportunity. It was at this time Potts saw her opportunity to continue her own passion for electric propulsion and power and purchased the Electric Marina from Frainetti.

“It’s definitely been a learning curve, but I really enjoy owning the business and I have so many plans for it,” Potts said. “There’s just a lot of excitement around the segment right now and that’s exciting to me.”

Potts was quick to point out that she isn’t “anti-combustion” as she puts it, by any means. She simply believes that there’s a big place for electric in the right applications.

Potts understands that electric power and propulsion has some big hurdles to get over yet, but fully believes the segment is moving leaps and bounds further continuously. “I love seeing all of the new tech coming out and only hope more makes it into this playing field, showing people the art of the possible,” she added.

One thing is for sure, Potts isn’t going to let anything hold her back in her mission to spread the word and work of the Electric Marina and electric power and propulsion as a whole. “Come hell or high water, I’m going to make things happen,” Potts said.

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